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March 6, 2018

Pastor Target of Hate Speech for Bible Study on Sexuality    
A Detroit-area pastor has been the target of death threats for hosting a Bible-based workshop for teenage girls helping them appreciate their God-given sexual identity.

Metro City Church Pastor Jeremy Schossau has been the recipient of an orchestrated hate campaign for sponsoring a church series called "Unashamed Identity."

LifeSiteNews reports that the six-week program was promoted as "a safe place for teenage girls to learn what the Bible teaches about sexuality."

"Through thoughtful, relevant, and Biblical counsel, we will help your girl be unashamed of her true sexual identity given to her by God at birth."

Pastor Schossau says that he quickly became the victim of "an unbelievable backlash on social media filled with hate and vulgarity."

"People have literally threatened to kill me and my family, to burn our house down, to burn our Church down, to assault the people of our Church and our staff."

Schossau said that the church was receiving as many as 40 voicemail messages a minute from individuals hostile to the program on Christian sexuality, as well as e-mails including homosexual pornography.

Local police arrested one man for making the following threat:  "Every member of the ANTIFA will show up 'armed and ready.'  This is not a joke."

Pastor Schossau was also stunned to find himself the target of state elected officials.  Two state representatives called for a government investigation into his program.

The legislators urged the Michigan Attorney General to investigate the church for alleged violations of the Michigan Consumer Protection Act.  The legislators claimed that the church was engaged in "unfair, unconscionable, and deceptive practices."

Pastor Schossau says that the state officials are violating the separation of church and state.  "We do not need the government to tell us pastors what we can say or not say.  And we don't need the government to tell us what kind of spiritual advice we can give."

Schossau was unafraid to point out the "hypocrisy" of many in the "gay rights" community.  "I find it incredibly odd that a community that has been so vocal about tolerance is seemingly very anti-choice when it comes to sexuality."

"It is pure hypocrisy in the gay community to think that you can have a choice to move from heterosexuality into homosexuality, but not homosexuality into heterosexuality," Schossau commented.

"If young people embrace the gay community, it is celebrated.  Why is it wrong for us to celebrate a teenager who is struggling and confused and decides to move toward heterosexuality?"

One of the Michigan state representatives has introduced legislation which would make it a crime to counsel anyone with same-sex attractions to accept a heterosexual lifestyle.

As many as 9 states have adopted similar law which ban what "gay rights" activists have branded as "conversion therapy."  A similar bill has been introduced in Missouri this session, but it excludes religious institutions. 

We encourage you to send a message of encouragement to Pastor Schossau at office@metrocitychurch.tv 
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U.S. House Adopts
Legislation to Battle Child Sex Trafficking

The U.S. House of Representatives has adopted landmark legislation designed to assist prosecution of online websites that facilitate the sex trafficking of minor children.  The bill, known as the Allow States and Victims to Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act (FOSTA), was approved last week by the House on a strong bipartisan vote of 388-25.

The legislation was sponsored by Representative Ann Wagner of St. Louis County, who has been a relentless crusader against human trafficking since her election to Congress in 2012.  Wagner has championed efforts to enable prosecution of websites that feature classified advertising where sexual "services" of minors are offered or solicited.

The most notorious and nefarious of these insidious websites in Backpage.com.  It has been demonstrated repeatedly that the human trafficking industry uses the Backpage site to market young girls enslaved in the sex trade.  Owners of Backpage have been accused of knowingly allowing the site to be used for such purposes, and editing ads to conceal the fact that sexual access to minor children is for sale.

Online prostitution portals like Backpage have escaped  prosecution because of immunity language contained in the federal Communications Decency Act (CDA).  That language exempts online businesses from criminal or civil liability if they did not originate content that appears on their websites.  Attorneys for Backpage have consistently argued that they are merely an online forum where messages are exchanged between users of the site.

The FOSTA bill amends the CDA to makes it a federal crime to own, manage, or operate an interactive computer service with the intent to promote or facilitate the prostitution of another person.  Enhanced penalties may be imposed if it can be proved that the online business facilitated the prostitution of five or more persons "in reckless disregard of the fact that such conduct contributed to sex trafficking."  The bill also specifically authorizes victims of sex trafficking websites to recover civil damages and restitution from perpetrators of the child sex trade.

"In today's high-technology age, sex trafficking is hiding in plain sight online, and as this horrific crime has moved from the streets to the Internet, it has become even more prolific," Wagner said.  "Companies like Backpage are the enablers of modern-day sex slavery. We are now sending a clear message:  Businesses that sell human beings online can no longer do so with impunity."

"FOSTA will provide more prosecutions of these bad actor websites and put more predators behind bars," Wagner observed.  "It will also give victims a pathway to justice and provide a critical deterrent, so that fewer businesses will choose to facilitate the sex trade, and fewer victims will ever be sold." 
Congresswoman Wagner bemoaned the fact that Missouri is an exchange point for nationwide human trafficking networks. "We know that St. Louis, given its convention and business and sporting activities, and given its central location and focus of the interstate system--it is sadly a hub for sex trafficking enterprises."

Representative Wagner has been previously successful in advancing legislation in the House to amend the Communications Decency Act to target online sex portals.  However, those bills have died in the Senate due to the vigorous opposition of technology giants like Google and Facebook, and other Silicon Valley corporations.  This year, similar legislation in the Senate sponsored by Senator Rob Portman is expected to gain bipartisan momentum to win approval.

Cybercrimes investigators nationwide have described Backpage.com as "a playground for pimps and traffickers."  It is estimated that the company generates more than $10 million a month from their online classified ads marketing sexual encounters.  Backpage has an active presence in 97 countries and is valued at more than $500 million.

The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC)  reports that over 75% of the approximately 10,000 documented child sex trafficking reports it receives each year involve minors whose "sexual services" have been advertised on Backpage.com.  NCMEC says there has been more than a 1000% increase over the last several years in the child sex trafficking reports it receives.

Representative Wagner says that is because online sex customers believe they have a minimal risk of being caught due to the perceived anonymity of internet-based solicitation.  "Online customers log onto websites and order a young girl into their hotel room as easily as if they were ordering a pepperoni pizza."

You can thank Congresswoman Wagner for her valiant efforts to combat human trafficking by using this link:
Representative Wagner

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