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January 23, 2018

Trump Speaks
to Pro-Lifers Attending
March for Life 
President Trump became the first President in American history to make live remarks to participants at the annual March for Life in Washington, D.C.  
Trump spoke Friday to the hundreds of thousands of pro-lifers who descended on the nation's capital to memorialize the 45th anniversary of the infamous Roe v. Wade decision legalizing the killing of children  in their mother's womb.
In remarks delivered from the Rose Garden, President Trump described the March for Life as a "movement born out of love."   
"You love your families, you love your neighbors, you love our nation, and you love every child, born and unborn, because you believe that every life is sacred--that every child is a precious gift from God."
Trump announced the creation of a new federal agency dedicated to protecting the conscience rights of pro-life doctors and nurses, as described in the adjacent story.
He also reaffirmed his desire to sign legislation banning abortion after 2o weeks of pregnancy, the point at which it is believed that the preborn child is able to experience extreme pain from the violence of an abortion "procedure."
Among those joining Trump in the Rose Garden presentation was Missourian Kelsey Hedges.  A student at the University of Missouri, Kelsey learned she was pregnant with twins through an ultrasound done at the Pregnancy Resource Center of Rolla
"I was in love from the moment I laid eyes on both of them.  Izabella and Brielle are such a blessing in my life.  I thank God often for my girls and for PRC, who saved me and my pregnancy."  
"This kind of hope is the true gift of this incredible movement, " the President stated.  "It is the gift of friendship, the gift of mentorship, and the gift of encouragement, love, and support.  And most importantly, the gift of life itself.  That is why we march.  That is why we pray."
On the same day as pro-lifers assembled on the National Mall, the U.S. House approved a bill called the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act.   
The legislation would establish criminal penalties for abortionists who fail to provide medical care to infants who survive failed abortions.
In remarks on the floor of the House, Missouri Congresswoman Vicky Hartzler spoke of nurses standing outside the chambers who had experienced the trauma of watching babies born and then put in plastic bags and suffocated to death.
The bill would institute penalties for the intentional killing of a born-alive child of up to five years in prison. 
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New Agency Created to Guard Health Care Conscience Rights   

The Trump Administration has announced the creation of a new federal agency dedicated to protecting the conscience rights of medical professionals.  The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS)  is establishing a Conscience and Religious Freedom Division in the Department's Office for Civil Rights (OCR).
Roger Severino, OCR Director, says the new division will help guarantee that health care workers who are victims of unlawful discrimination because of their religious beliefs are protected.  "Laws protecting religious freedom and conscience rights are just empty words on paper if they are not enforced."
"No one should be forced to choose between helping sick people and living by one's deepest moral and religious convictions.  For too long, governments large and small treated conscience claims with hostility instead of protection. But change is coming and it begins right here and now."
Indeed, there are several conscience rights laws adopted by Congress over the years which have either been ignored or weakly enforced by federal authorities.  Most notable among them are the Church Amendments, which were enacted in 1970, and the Weldon Amendment, which was adopted in 2005.
The Church Amendments prohibited any entity receiving federal funding from discriminating against a health care professional because that individual refused to participate in an abortion.  The Weldon Amendment bans the disbursement of HHS funds to any federal, state, or local government agency if it requires that health care providers "provide, pay for, provide coverage of, or refer for abortions."
There have been numerous instances over the years of nurses being compelled or coerced to assist in elective abortions under threat of termination or other disciplinary action.  The latest incident came to light in November of last year in North Carolina, where an emergency room nurse filed suit in federal court against Duke University Hospital.
Sara Pedro says that she was told during employee orientation that all nurses must be available to assist in abortions.  When Pedro expressed her moral objections to this requirement, the hospital refused to advance her from training to regular duty.  When she formally disputed the hospital policy, she was placed on administrative leave.
Pedro is a devout Catholic who promised God that if she  passed her nursing board exams, she would serve Him by being committed to the sacred principles of the healing profession.  She had an unblemished career working as a nurse in New York for 8 years before moving to North Carolina.  She has now been evicted from her home because she is no longer able to pay her rent.
Other nurses who have been confronted with the moral dilemma of being required to assist in the killing of a preborn child spoke out in November at a press conference on Capitol Hill in Washington.  They were there to voice their support for yet another bill seeking to bolster religious freedom for health care workers, the Conscience Protection Act sponsored by Representative Diane Black of Tennessee.

The most disturbing and well-known story was shared by Cathy DeCarlo, a nurse who was employed by Mt. Sinai Hospital in New York.  DeCarlo was suddenly pulled off her shift in 2009 to supposedly assist in a procedure following a miscarriage.  She quickly realized in the operating room that she was actually being asked to participate in aborting a preborn child of 22 weeks gestation.

When she asked to be excused from being part of the ghastly procedure, she was threatened with insubordination and possible termination from her job.  "I'll never forget that day as I watched in horror as the doctor dismembered and removed the baby's bloody limbs, and I had to account for all the pieces.  I still have nightmares about that day."

Marjorie Dannensfelder, President of the Susan B. Anthony List, commended President Trump for "standing up in bold defense of conscience rights."  "This Administration realizes that abortion is a brutal act against unborn children and their mothers, and has now affirmed the right of all Americans not to be forced to participate in abortion."

"This is a welcome change from the Obama Administration's stubborn refusal to enforce federal law that prohibits discrimination against health care providers who have respect for the sanctity of human life," Dannensfelder added.

Mat Staver, an attorney with the Christian legal interest firm Liberty Counsel, said that the creation of the Conscience and Religious Freedom Office"is refreshing and exciting."  "The Department of Health and Human Services under the Obama Administration was hostile to conscience and religious freedom rights.  This is an historic step by the Trump Administration to protect rights of conscience in the health care profession."

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