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December 4, 2017

Christian Nurse Sues Over Rights  
of Conscience 
A North Carolina nurse has filed a discrimination lawsuit against Duke University, claiming she was the victim of disciplinary action because she refused to assist in abortions.
Sara Pedro is a Catholic nurse who was hired by Duke University Hospital to work in its emergency department.  During her orientation, she was advised that the hospital performed a large number of abortion procedures, and no staff member was exempted from participation.
Pedro made a written request to be excused from involvement in abortions because of her religious beliefs.  Duke hospital officials then refused to let her advance from training status to regular duty.   
When Pedro formally disputed the denial, she was then placed on administrative leave for what her lawyers call "vague and unsubstantiated reasons."
Pedro is being represented by the Thomas More Law Center.  Attorney Tyler Brooks says the case "illustrates the unfortunate dangers faced today by individuals who seek to remain faithful to their religious beliefs in the workplace."
"Duke subjected Sara to a degrading series of actions designed to punish and retaliate against her for engaging in federally-protected activity," Brooks said.  "The clear intent was to force her out of her job with Duke University Hospital."
Brooks points out that under Title VII of federal civil rights law, an employer is required to accommodate an employee's sincerely held religious beliefs, unless doing so would impose an undue hardship. 
Pedro received her nursing degree from Mount St. Mary's University.  When it came time take her board exam, she promised God that if she passed she would serve Him in her work in the nursing profession.
"Until recently being evicted from her home due to an inability to pay her rent, Sara kept an image of the Blessed Mother on her wall alongside the American flag presented to her father at his retirement from the National Guard," Brooks observed.
Sara Pedro isn't the only medical professional to find herself being compelled to participate in the destruction of preborn children.  Congresswoman Diane Black of Tennessee is sponsoring legislation to protect the conscience rights of individuals in the medical profession.
During testimony before a Congressional committee, New York nurse Kathy DeCarlo told her story of being forced to assist in an abortion under threat of termination because of insubordination.
"I'll never forget that day as I watched in horror as the doctor dismembered and removed the baby's bloody limbs, and I had to account for all the pieces," DeCarlo shared.  "I still have nightmares about that day." 
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FCC Chair Blasts
Censorship of
Pro-Life Tweets

The Chairman of the Federal Communications Commission has excoriated the social media platform Twitter for censoring pro-life posts and other social conservative viewpoints.  FCC Chairman Ajit Pai says that Twitter is employing a "double standard" in blocking conservative content while leaving liberal messaging untouched.
Pai pointed to a recent incident in which Twitter took down a pro-life advertisement from Tennessee Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn.  Blackburn had posted an advertisement for the launch of her campaign for the U.S. Senate.  Representative Blackburn's ad touted her leadership in exposing Planned Parenthood's marketing and sale of the body parts of aborted preborn children.
Congresswoman Blackburn had chaired a special legislative committee which investigated the actions of Planned Parenthood employees and contractors in the trafficking of fetal organs and fetal tissue.  The advertisement on Twitter showed Blackburn saying that she "fought Planned Parenthood and we stopped the sale of baby body parts, thank God."
Twitter yanked the ad, saying that it included an "inflammatory statement that is likely to evoke a strong negative reaction," and that it had "higher standards for their content."  Twitter officials said they would restore the ad if Blackburn pulled the reference to Planned Parenthood.  After a huge outcry from the social media community, Twitter reinstated the ad, saying that it had reevaluated the ad "in the context of the entire message."      
Chairman Pai says that providers like Twitter are making political value judgements about what content users see.  "The company appears to have a double standard when it comes to suspending or de-verifying conservative users' accounts as opposed to those of liberal users.  Providers like Twitter routinely block or discriminate against conduct they don't like."
"Now look," Pai added.  "I love Twitter, and I use it all the time.  But let's not kid ourselves.  When it comes to an open Internet, Twitter is part of the problem.  The company has a viewpoint, and it uses that viewpoint to discriminate."
Congresswoman Blackburn blasted Twitter for their political bias.  "I am appalled by Twitter's attempt to censor my pro-life record, and I believe the entire pro-life community deserves an apology.  I refuse to allow an organization whose mission is to provide information instantly, without barriers to silence our efforts to protect the unborn."  
"I think what happened is the American people rose up," Blackburn continued.  "They are sick and tired of the liberal elites and the liberal media telling them what they are going to listen to, and what is going to be broadcast and what is not, and in this case it was Twitter."

LifeSite News reports that Twitter has also blocked efforts by the pro-life group LiveAction to place advertisements, and has objected to its tweets containing ultrasound images of unborn children and its calls for Congress to investigate and defund Planned Parenthood.

Twitter also blocked an advertisement from the pro-life group Susan B. Anthony List because it used the phrase "killing babies." The company also rejected an ad earlier this year for a new book because the publication stated that marriage is the union of one man and one woman.

Twitter is not the only social media platform seemingly intent on censoring pro-life messages.  YouTube, Facebook, and Vimeo have also blocked videos revealing the actions of Planned Parenthood to barter in the business of baby body parts.

Planned Parenthood became the focus of widespread scrutiny for its fetal tissue trafficking practices following an extensive undercover investigation by a group called the Center for Medical Progress.  The group released a series of videos showing Planned Parenthood employees and agents discussing the sale and shipping of vital organs from aborted babies, and how to conduct abortions in a manner that would preserve those organs intact for maximum profit.

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