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February 8, 2017

Boy Scouts Welcome
Girls As New

The Boy Scouts of America have expanded their repudiation of the organization's founding principles by announcing that they will accept girls who imagine they are boys as members.

In a statement, BSA officials said that in the past they had "deferred to the information on an individual's birth certificate to determine eligibility for our single-gender programs."

"Starting today, we will accept and register youth in the Cub and Boy Scout programs based on the gender identity indicated on the application," the statement continued.

The Boy Scouts first disgraced the legacy and standards of the organization in 2013 when they announced they would accept avowed homosexual boys as members.

This action was in clear contradiction to the Scout Oath in which a boy pledges to be "physically strong, mentally awake, and morally straight."

The new policy also stood in opposition to the promise made by a Boy Scout to be true to his "duty to God and country."

The Boy Scouts of America further prostituted the purposes of the organization in 2015 when they announced that they would permit openly homosexual men to serve as Scoutmasters for vulnerable young boys.

At the time, BSA officials said they had no choice but to "adjust to the social, political, and judicial changes taking place in our country."

Laurie Higgins of the Illinois Family Institute says that the latest "politically correct" move by the Boy Scouts of America harms both girls and boys.

"This political surrender to doctrinaire extremists harms the girls who seek to become boys in order to reinforce their false belief that they are males."

"It also harms boys in that it teaches them the lie that one's sex has no intrinsic meaning, and that in order to be compassionate they must relinquish their privacy," Higgins added.

Linda Harvey of the group Mission America says that the policy change will have tragic consequences for the youth of America.

"The Boy Scouts of America continues to be oblivious to the realities of the emotional disturbance of gender rebellion in kids.  The presence of these confused children in any troop sets an example that can have tragic consequences."

Since the Boys Scouts organization abandoned its principles in 2013, a new group called Trail Life USA has taken hold.  It now has 26,000 members in 48 states.  Its goal is to provide a Christian outdoor adventure, character, and leadership program for boys and young men.

Trail Life USA founder John Stemberger lamented the latest disturbing action by BSA board members and executives.

"It is simply stunning that a leading youth organization that parents entrust with the protection of their children has opted to once again appease political activists rather than follow clear, common-sense best practices for child protection."

"Aside from the fact that you are now going to confuse literally hundreds of thousands of young men and boys--you are now going to have further youth protection problems.  Facilities and campgrounds are not designed for this type of thing," Stemberger observed.

You can learn more about Trail Life USA by using this link:
Trail Life USA  

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President Trump Taps
Judge Neil Gorsuch
For Supreme Court

Pro-life and pro-family leaders are hailing the nomination by President Donald Trump of Judge Neil Gorsuch to the U.S. Supreme Court.  Gorsuch has served for the last ten years as a federal appellate court judge on the U.S. Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals in Denver.

In making the appointment, President Trump described Gorsuch as "a brilliant jurist with an outstanding intellect...who  is universally respected for his integrity, fairness, and decency.  He understands the role of judges is to interpret the law, not impose their policy preferences, priorities, or ideologies."

Should he be confirmed by the U. S. Senate, Gorsuch would fill the seat previously held by the late Justice Antonin Scalia.  Gorsuch was a personal friend of Scalia's, whom he has described as "a lion of the law."  Like Scalia, the judicial philosophy of Gorsuch is that of an originalist, who believes that the Constitution should be interpreted according to the meaning intended by its authors.

"The great project of Justice Scalia's career was to remind us of the differences between judges and legislators.  Judges should strive to apply the law as it is...looking to text, structure, and history...not to decide cases based on their own moral convictions or the policy consequences they believe might serve society best," Gorsuch declared in a tribute following Scalia's death early last year.

Tony Perkins, President of the Family Research Council, praised President Trump for appointing a new justice for the High Court who has a record of judicial restraint and respect for the rule of law.  "The replacement of the late Justice Scalia with someone of the same mold will help restore religious liberty and put an end to the enthusiasm of radical activists for using the federal courts to advance a social agenda not found in the Constitution."

Jim Daly, President of Focus on the Family, also praised the selection of Judge Gorsuch.  "As a family ministry concerned with the sanctity of life, marriage, and religious freedom, we are optimistic that Judge Gorsuch will continue to respect our cherished liberties...It is our hope that he will follow in the late Justice Scalia's footsteps in boldly standing up to the whims of culture and have 'the courage to suffer the contempt of the sophisticated world.'"

The judicial temperament of Judge Gorsuch may be best expressed in an opinion piece he wrote in 2005 for National Review where he said:  "American liberals have become addicted to the courtroom, relying on judges and lawyers, rather than elected officials and the ballot box, as the primary means of effecting their social agenda on everything from gay marriage to assisted suicide to the use of vouchers for private-school education.  This overweening addiction to the courtroom as the place to debate social policy is bad for the country and bad for the judiciary."  
Judge Gorsuch has written opinions on the Tenth Circuit Appeals Court that are of great encouragement to the pro-life and religious freedom movements.  He joined a decision by the Tenth Circuit upholding the right of the Hobby Lobby craft store chain to be exempt from the abortion drug mandate imposed by the Obama Administration.

"All of us face the problem of complicity," Judge Gorsuch wrote.  "All of us must answer for ourselves whether and to what degree we are willing to be involved in the wrongdoing of others.  The [Obamacare] mandate requires the Green family to violate their religious faith by forcing them to lend an impermissible degree of assistance to conduct their religion teaches to be gravely wrong.  No one before us disputes that the mandate compels Hobby Lobby to underwrite payments for drugs or devices that can have the effect of destroying a fertilized egg."

Judge Gorsuch also sided with the Little Sisters of the Poor in their legal claim that they should not be forced to pay for contraceptives and abortifacient drugs in their own health care plan.  In a dissenting opinion, Gorsuch wrote:  "When a law demands that a person do something the person considers sinful, and the penalty for refusal is a large financial penalty, then the law imposes a substantial burden on that person's free exercise of religion.  The law doesn't just apply to popular religious beliefs--it does perhaps its most important work in protecting unpopular religious beliefs."

The clearest glimpse into Judge Gorsuch's views on the sanctity of human life may be found in a book he wrote in 2006 called The Future of Assisted Suicide and Euthanasia.  In one excerpt, he wrote:  "All human beings are intrinsically valuable and the intentional taking of human life by private persons is always wrong...Once we open the door to excusing or justifying the intentional taking of human life as 'necessary,' we introduce the real possibility that the lives of some persons may be deemed less 'valuable," and receive less protection from the law than others."

Neil Gorsuch is an Episcopalian, and would join a tribunal that is currently completely composed of self-professed Catholics or Jews.  He earned his law degree at Harvard Law School, but also obtained a Doctorate in Philosophy from Oxford University.  Gorsuch has significant familiarity with the practices and personalities at the Supreme Court, having served as a clerk to both Justice Anthony Kennedy and former Justice Byron White.

The confirmation of Judge Gorsuch would not substantially alter the political balance on the Supreme Court.  He would replace Justice Scalia as a fourth conservative justice along with four liberal justices, and a swing vote in Justice Anthony Kennedy, who adopts both conservative and liberal positions depending on the issue.

We strongly encourage you to contact your U.S. Senators to urge them to vote to confirm Judge Neil Gorsuch to the High Court.

You can contact Senator Roy Blunt by using this link:
Senator Roy Blunt

You can contact Senator Claire McCaskill by using this link:
Senator McCaskill 

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