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January 10, 2017

To Debate
Bathroom Privacy in
Local Schools  

A Missouri State Senator has introduced legislation which would protect the bathroom privacy of students in the public schools.

Senator Ed Emery of Lamar has filed Senate Bill 98.  It states that every public school restroom, locker room, or shower room where multiple students are present may be used only by students of the same biological sex.

Senator Emery's bill is a response to an edict that the Obama Administration issued last summer.  Under that mandate, public schools were ordered to permit any student to access the bathrooms, locker rooms, and shower facilities of the opposite sex, or risk the loss of federal education funding.

The joint edict, issued by the U.S. Justice Department and Department of Education, was imposed on every public school district in the nation without any legal basis in law or regulation.  A federal judge in Texas has enjoined enforcement of the mandate until a lawsuit goes to trial in the coming months.

Senator Emery's bill stipulates that wherever students may be in a state of undress in the presence of other students, public schools "shall provide separate, distinct areas designated for use by students based on their biological sex..."

Representative Jeff Pogue has introduced a bill in the Missouri House of Representatives which goes several steps further.  House Bill 202 would require that all public restrooms "shall be designated as gender-divided restrooms."

Representative Pogue's bill would permit single-occupancy restrooms to be designated as unisex facilities.

House Bill 202 would also prohibit local governments, or any private business, building, or facility in the state to adopt ordinances or policies in conflict with the provisions of the bill.

You can let your State Representative know how you feel about these proposals by using this link:
Missouri House Members
Dr. Crutella

In last week's Jeff City Update, we made reference to the President of the American College of Pediatricians.

We misidentified the President of the national pediatrician group as Dr. Michael Crutella, rather than Dr. Michelle Crutella.

The mistake was highly ironic considering the subject matter of the story.  We apologize to Dr. Crutella for the error.

You can learn more about the American College of Pediatricians by clicking this link:
American Pediatricians 

Listen to the Broadcast Version of the Jeff City Update online at 

Pro-Life Proposals
On Calendar of
Missouri Legislature

The Missouri Legislature is continuing its pioneering tradition of advancing important pro-life legislation as the first regular session of the 99th General Assembly gets underway.  Several measures have been proposed to strengthen state statutes regulating abortion, some of which have been approved by the Missouri House in the past, but have failed to win final passage in the Missouri Senate.

One of the major subjects to be discussed is the handling and disposal of the remains of aborted preborn children.  Similar bills have been introduced in the House and the Senate which would establish new restrictions which would inhibit the sale of the organs and tissue from unborn children who have been aborted.

The House bill is HB 194, introduced by Representative Diane Franklin of Camdenton.  The Senate bill is SB 67, proposed by Senator Bob Onder of Lake St. Louis.  Both bills are expected to receive early consideration in their respective chambers.

The measures are a response to nationwide revelations in the summer of 2015 that Planned Parenthood employees and contractors were engaged in the marketing and sale of baby body parts.  Undercover videos released by a group called The Center for Medical Progress revealed that Planned Parenthood abortionists were conducting late-term abortions in a way that they would be able to preserve vital organs and tissue for sale.

In one of the videos, Dr. Deborah Nucatola, the Senior Director of Medical Services for the Planned Parenthood Federation of America, stated that the St. Louis area was a "untapped supplier" of baby body parts.  Dr. Nucatola explained how she has a "huddle at the beginning of the day" with her staff to discuss what types of fetal remains buyers are seeking at the time, and how they can best harvest them from the preborn children of pregnant women they will abort that day.

The bills advanced by Representative Franklin and Senator Onder would require that "all tissue and remains of a human fetus...removed at the time of abortion shall be...submitted to a board eligible or certified pathologist."  Under current law, an abortion clinic or hospital is only required to submit "a representative sample" of aborted fetal tissue.

The new legislation would mandate that the pathologist submit a tissue report to the Missouri Department of Health and Human Services documenting whether all the remains of an unborn child were received, and how those remains were disposed of and the location of such disposal.  This would obviously impede the ability of abortionists to retain specific organs and tissue for lucrative sale to medical laboratories and research firms.

The provisions of the legislative proposals were the result of hearings conducted by special legislative committees appointed by the Senate President Pro Tem and the Speaker of the House.  Those investigative committees attempted without much success to obtain information from Planned Parenthood officials and a St. Louis pathology firm regarding the manner in which they collected, examined, and disposed of fetal tissue of aborted babies.  
In other legislation, the Missouri House will once again consider legislation it has previously endorsed which would require that both parents be notified before an abortion can be performed on a minor child.  The bill is House Bill 326, sponsored by Representative Rocky Miller of Osage Beach.

Under current state law, a minor must have the written consent of one parent before they may obtain an abortion.  However, that parent has no obligation to inform the other custodial parent of the child's intentions.  Federal courts have ruled that states may not require consent from both parents, but may stipulate that both parents be notified.

State Representative Tom Hurst has introduced a bill which would make it a crime for a person to transport a minor child across state lines for the purpose of obtaining an abortion without parental consent.  House Bill 1822 is designed in part to combat sexual predators who secure secret abortions for women they have impregnated by taking the child to a state where parental consent is not required.

Legislaton filed by Senator Jeanie Riddle also attempts to address the issue of out-of-state abortions performed on women from Missouri.  Approximately half of Missouri women who abort their children leave the state to obtain the abortion from a clinic in a nearby state.

Senator Riddle's bill, Senate Bill 230, would require that women referred to an out-state facility for an abortion must be provided with informed consent materials furnished under Missouri law.  Those materials include information about the development of the unborn child, the risks of abortion procedures, and names and addresses of alternative to abortion facilities and adoption agencies.

Senate Bill 196, introduced by Senator Andrew Koenig of Manchester, would clarify the power of the Attorney General when it comes to prosecuting violations of Missouri abortion laws.  The proposed law would make clear that the Attorney General has concurrent jurisdiction with local prosecutors to litigate violations of state laws governing the performance and funding of abortion.

You can contact your State Representative to let them know of your support for these bills by using this link:
You can contact your State Senator by clicking this link:
If you do not know who your state legislators are, you can find that information by using this link:
Legislator Lookup

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