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November 15, 2016

Biggest Loser:
Planned Parenthood

Political observers and commentators are devoting unparalleled attention to the astonishing results of last Tuesday's national election. 

Many reporters and political analysts are cataloguing their list of those who emerged as winners and losers as a result of the results of November 8th.

What is unmistakable is that one of the biggest losers was the Planned Parenthood Federation of America and its nationwide chain of abortion clinics.

Political affiliates of Planned Parenthood spent approximately $38 million in efforts to elect Hillary Clinton President and pro-abortion candidates to the U.S. Congress.

Clinton has been an unthrottled cheerleader for Planned Parenthood and the abortion industry.  She and Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards have been more than kindred spirits.  Had Clinton won, Planned Parenthood would have owned the Oval Office.

Hillary Clinton's rabid pro-abortion views have been known for quite some time. The extreme nature of those views was on ugly display during the third presidential debate when she heartlessly defended the barbaric practice of partial-birth abortion.

With the election of Donald Trump, the real prospect exists that Congress will pass legislation or appropriations bills defunding Planned Parenthood.  The abortion giant receives approximately $500 million a year in taxpayer funding, which is estimated to comprise as much as 40% of its annual budget.

While Trump was quoted during the campaign as saying that Planned Parenthood does "many good things," he has been adamant that he opposes federal funds being allocated to the organization so long as it continues performing abortions.

President-elect Trump's website states that his new administration will work to "protect innocent human life from conception to natural death" and "protect individual conscience in health care."  

Trump can deliver on this pledge in short order on a number of subjects.  First of all, it is hoped that any replacement to Obamacare will put an end to federal taxpayer subsidies of health insurance plans that include abortion coverage.  

It is also hoped that the new Secretary of Health and Human Services will abolish the contraceptive and abortion drug mandate, which required that all health insurance policies include no-cost coverage of abortifacient drugs and devices. 

Trump has also pledged to sign legislation banning late-term abortions.  Known as the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act, it would prohibit abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy. 

While it will be an uphill battle to win passage of the bill in the Senate and it would have an uncertain fate before the Supreme Court, it will nonetheless be most helpful to have a favorable pen in the Oval Office on this and other pro-life priorities.

Trump's most lasting contribution to the pro-life cause will be his appointment(s) to the U.S. Supreme Court.  Trump is the first presidential candidate in American history to forthrightly declare that he will appoint "pro-life judges" to the High Court.

In similar unprecedented fashion, Trump has released two lists of potential nominees, all of whom would be expected to decide cases based on a strict construction of the original meaning of the Constitution.

First up will be the selection of a replacement for deceased Justice Antonin Scalia.  Even if Trump is successful in appointing a conservative justice to replace him, the High Court would still be split between four liberals, four conservatives, and one moderate swing vote in disgraced Justice Anthony Kennedy.

However, if one of the liberal justices on the Court were to retire or die while still serving, Trump would have the opportunity to appoint a fifth conservative justice. That could lead to the reversal of Roe v. Wade, and the return of abortion jurisdiction to the states.

Please be praying that a President Trump will be an instrument for legislative and judicial actions which will protect preborn children and all those who are vulnerable to anti-life forces in our culture.     

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Missouri Voters Pick 
Pro-Life Slate of
State Officeholders

Last Tuesday's state elections brought considerable good news for pro-life and pro-family citizens of Missouri.  All candidates for statewide office who were supporters of abortion on demand went down to defeat.  A new slate of statewide officeholders were elected who have solid pro-life convictions and are demonstrated defenders of religious liberty.

Most prominent among the new Missouri officeholders who will be sworn in come January is Attorney General-elect Joshua Hawley.  Mr. Hawley won victory by the largest margin last Tuesday over Cass County Prosecuting Attorney Theresa Hensley.  With his election, Missouri will have a pro-life and pro-family attorney general for the first time in 24 years.

Hawley played a role in the legal defense of the craft store chain Hobby Lobby in their challenge to the Obama Administration's contraceptive and abortion drug mandate.  Hawley was an attorney for the Becket Fund at the time, which obtained a groundbreaking U.S. Supreme Court ruling that family-owned businesses cannot be required to underwrite health insurance coverage that violates their religious beliefs.

We cannot overestimate the significance of having an attorney general who believes in the sanctity of human life, is a supporter of traditional marriage, and a defender of religious freedom.  Hawley's predecessors, Chris Koster and now-Governor Jay Nixon were social liberals, and their legal strategies in defense of pro-life and pro-family legislation left very much to be desired. 

Most notorious was the failure of Attorney General Koster to fully and fairly defend the state's constitutional amendment defining marriage as the union of one man and one woman.  Koster refused to fulfill his legal responsibility to appeal an adverse decision on Missouri's Marriage Amendment to the Missouri Supreme Court.  As a result, the ruling of a low-level Jackson County circuit judge took effect legalizing same-sex unions as a perverse form of marriage.

In the high-profile contest for the U.S. Senate, incumbent Roy Blunt staved off a vigorous challenge from Missouri Secretary of State Jason Kander.  Blunt has been a strong pro-life advocate, and a leader of efforts in Washington to protect conscience rights in the health care and health insurance arena. Kander is a supporter of legalized abortion, and endorsed the re-definition of marriage to include same-sex unions.

In other races for statewide office, State Senator Mike Parson of Bolivar was elected Lieutenant Governor, defeating former Congressman Russ Carnahan.  Parson has a law enforcement career, having served as Sheriff of Polk County.  Senator Parson has consistently voted for pro-life legislation, and also voted this past session for the proposed constitutional amendment protecting the religious liberties of pastors, churches, and religious organizations who believe in traditional marriage.

In the contest for Secretary of State, Jay Ashcroft of St. Louis won an overwhelming victory over Robin Smith, a former St. Louis television newscaster.  Ashcroft, who is the son of former Governor and U.S. Senator John Ashcroft, is an an attorney with his father's law firm.  He holds the same conservative Christian values as the senior Ashcroft. 
In the race for State Treasurer, State Senator Eric Schmitt of Kirkwood easily defeated former State Representative Judy Baker.  Schmitt is a real estate and business law attorney with the Lathrop and Gage law firm in St. Louis County. He has been a strong pro-life advocate in the Missouri Senate.  He also voted this session for the proposed constitutional amendment establishing greater conscience protections for the religious community.

In the battle for Missouri Governor, newcomer Eric Greitens bested Attorney General Chris Koster.  Greitens is a former Navy SEAL, and was the founder of a veterans support organization known as The Mission Continues.  It remains unclear what specific positions Greitens holds on major issues of public policy.  

Greitens has said that he is "pro-life," but has declined to articulate what that means when it comes to legal protections for the unborn, the elderly, and the disabled. In a disturbing sign, Greitens announced earlier this year his opposition to the religious freedom constitutional amendment being considered by the General Assembly. It remains a mystery what true convictions Greitens holds on issues of concern to the Christian community.

The Missouri Legislature retains decidedly conservative majorities in both chambers of the General Assembly, which is very good news for the pro-life and pro-family movement.  Republicans hold a 24-9 majority in the Missouri Senate, and a 117-46 majority in the Missouri House.  

The House Republican Caucus retained Poplar Bluff State Representative Todd Richardson as Speaker of the House, and Lee's Summit State Representative Mike Cierpiot as House Majority Leader.  Springfield State Representative Elijah Haahr was chosen as Speaker Pro Tem.

The Senate leadership will remain the same, as the Senate Republican caucus once again chose Joplin Senator Ron Richard to serve as President Pro Tem and Jefferson City Senator Mike Kehoe to serve as Senate Majority Leader.

All of the above-named legislative leaders are reliable supporters of the sanctity of human life, the integrity of traditional marriage, and the preservation of religious liberty.  The 99th session of the Missouri General Assembly will convene on January 4th.

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