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March 11, 2014

House Vote
on 72-Hour Waiting Period Bill     


Here is a list of the votes cast by members of the Missouri House on the bill to extend the reflection period for an abortion from 24 to 72 hours.


You can share your thoughts with your legislator about their vote by clicking this link:

Your State Representative 


State representatives voting YES on House Committee Substitute for House Bill 1307 and 1313:


Representatives Allen, Anderson, Austin, Bahr, Barnes, Bernskoetter, Berry, Black, Brattin, Brown, Burlison, Cierpiot, Cox, Crawford, Cross, Curtman, Davis, Diehl, Dorhman, Dugger, Elmer, Engler, English, Entlicher, Fitzpatrick, Fitzwater, Flanigan, Fraker, Franklin, Frederick, Funderburk, Gannon, Gatschenberger, Gosen, Grisamore, Guernsey, Haahr, Haefner, Hampton, Hansen, Harris, Hicks, Higdon, Hinson, Hoskins, Hough, Houghton, Hurst, Johnson, Jones (Caleb), Jones (Tim), Justus, Keeney, Kelley (Mike), Koenig, Kolkmeyer, Korman,  Lair, Lant, Lauer, Leara, Lichtenegger, Love, Lynch, Marshall, Mayfield, McCaherty, McGaugh, McKenna, Messenger, Molendorp, Moon, Morris, Muntzel, Neely, Parkinson, Pfautsch, Phillips, Pike, Pogue, Redmon, Rehder, Reiboldt, Remole, Rhoads, Richardson, Riddle, Roorda, Ross, Rowden, Rowland, Runions, Scharnhorst, Schatz, Schieber, Schieffer, Shull, Shumake, Solon, Sommer, Spencer, Stream, Swan, Thomson, Torpey, Walker, White, Wieland, Wilson, Wood, and Zerr


State Representatives voting NO on HCS HBs 1307 & 1313:


Representatives Anders, Butler, Carpenter, Colona, Curtis, Dunn, Ellington, Englund, Frame, Gardner, Hubbard, Hummel, Kirkton, LaFaver, May, McCann Beatty, McDonald, McManus, McNeil, Meredith, Mims, Mitten, Montecillo, Morgan, Newman, Nichols, Norr, Otto, Pace, Peters, Pierson, Rizzo, Smith, Swearingen, Walton Gray, Webber, and Wright


State Representatives who were absent with leave:


Burns, Ellinger, Hodges, Kelly (Chris), Kratky, Miller, Neth, and Schupp 




Listen to the Broadcast Version of the Jeff City Update online at 

House Advances Bill
to Extend Abortion Waiting Period

The Missouri House of Representatives has given preliminary approval to pro-life legislation which would extend the waiting period for elective abortions from 24 to 72 hours.  State representatives endorsed House Committee Substitute for House Bills 1307 and 1313 by a convincing vote of 115-37.

The substitute given initial approval by the House is a combination of identical bills filed by Representative Kevin Elmer of Nixa and Representative Keith Frederick of Rolla.  The House is expected to give final approval to the proposal before it recesses for spring break later this week.

Should the legislation be enacted by the General Assembly, Missouri would become the third state to require that a woman wait 72 hours before she can secure an abortion in non-emergency situations.  Utah and South Dakota currently have similar laws on the books, and neither is presently under legal challenge.

Under existing law in Missouri, a woman must visit with a doctor, nurse, or counselor prior to the performance of an abortion to grant her voluntary and informed consent to the procedure.  The woman is given an extensive amount of information orally and in writing at this conference about the nature of abortion and its consequences.  The legislation would extend the mandatory "reflection time" between the receipt of the information and the performance of the procedure from one day to three days.

Representative Elmer says the expanded time for reflection is essential considering the gravity of the decision.  "A woman deserves more time to consider the severity of the decision she's about to embark on before she terminates the life of that child," Elmer stated during debate on the House floor.

Opponents of the bill argued that there is no state-prescribed waiting period for any other medical procedure.  Representative Frederick, who is a physician, offered a very moving response that included the telling statement:  "No other medical procedure stops a beating human heart."

Waiting periods have been a familiar feature of state abortion laws since the U.S. Supreme Court upheld their constitutionality in 1992.  In the landmark decision of Planned Parenthood v. Casey, the High Court ruled that states have a "legitimate interest in assuring that a woman's consent to an abortion [is] fully informed."

The Missouri Family Policy Council played a leading role in winning passage in 2010 of a bill that dramatically strengthened Missouri's informed consent law.  As a result of that law, abortion-minded women leave an abortion clinic with a packet of information that outlines the nature of the procedure, the health risks of the procedure, and resources she may wish to consider if she chooses to carry her child to term.  The woman is provided with images depicting the developmental stages of the preborn child, and is provided the opportunity to view an ultrasound and hear the heartbeat of the child if it is audible.

The House adopted an amendment to the bill offered  by
Representative Linda Black of Desloge which would require that the woman be shown a video covering the information included in the written packet. 

"We live in a world that is technologically savvy, and so many people don't take time to sit down and read that information,"  Representative Black explained.  "This would be a visual narrative so that a woman is equipped with the tools of knowledge she needs to make that critical choice."

The effort to extend the abortion waiting period was initiated this session by Senator David Sater of Cassville.  His legislation, Senate Bill 519, was taken up for a second time by the Senate this past week and was once again greeted by a filibuster by pro-abortion senators.  Senate Minority Leader Jolie Justus of Kansas City and Senator Scott Sifton of St. Louis County coordinated the nearly five-hour-long filibuster.

The nature of the discussion became so juvenile and the dignity of the debate became so tarnished that it appears that Senator Majority Leader Ron Richard of Joplin may have had his fill.  Senator Richard says he is contemplating a rare procedural move in which the Senate would cut off further debate.  "Why wouldn't I want to do it on a pro-life bill?" Richard has stated to reporters in the Capitol.  "It's worth the battle.  I'm willing to fight the fight."

We encourage you to contact your state senator and ask them to take up and pass Senator Sater's legislation, Senate Bill 519.  You can do so by using this link:
Your State Senator

On the side panel you will find a listing of the votes of state representatives on the House version of the waiting period bill.

The Missouri Family Policy Council has been pleased to work closely with Senator Sater, and Representatives Elmer, Frederick, and Black to introduce, improve, and advance this important life-saving measure.

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