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Nonpartisan Election Video  

Approved for Use in Churches   



The Missouri Family Policy Council is pleased to share with you an excellent video concerning Tuesday's national election which has been approved for use in churches.  Entitled "The Test of Fire," this video speaks to the crucial moral issues facing our nation in this critical election.


The three-minute video is ideally suited for use during church services this weekend.  It has been produced in thoughtful, respectful fashion.  It makes no mention of political candidates or political parties, but merely addresses issues that Christian voters need to think about.  The video has been edited to fully comply with IRS guidelines governing election-related activity by churches.    


You can view and download this video by using this link:

Value Voters Video 


We strongly encourage pastors and church leaders to share this video with your congregation this weekend.


Should you have any questions, please contact us at (636) 536-0014 





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