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Missouri Family E-News October 29 2010

Missouri Supreme Court Judge Up for Retention

Missouri voters will decide on Tuesday whether to retain Supreme Court Justice Zel Fischer on the state's highest court. Should voters approve his retention, Fischer would serve for another 12 years on the Missouri Supreme Court.

Fischer was appointed in 2008 by Governor Matt Blunt. Under Missouri's Non-Partisan Court Plan, Supreme Court and Appellate Court Judges are not chosen in contested elections. They are appointed by the Governor from a list of names submitted by a nominating panel. The judges must then be approved for retention for a twelve-year term in a statewide vote.

Judge Fischer previously served as an associate circuit judge in Atchison County. He is a member of First Baptist Church of Tarkio, and has been active with the Fellowship of Christian Athletes.

Judge Fischer recently provided a candid presentation of his convictions and worldview during a speech before the Missouri Baptist Convention. Due to the remarkably wise and inspirational nature of Judge Fischer's remarks, we share a portion of them here.

"My vision for America is that we recognize that our present crisis is not merely economic and political, but moral in nature. At the root of these times should be the realization that people in positions of authority have walked away from some timeless truths---honesty, integrity, and a hard day's work for an honest day's pay, and the simple notion that you ought to treat your neighbor the way you treat yourself."

"My belief is that this nation will not be restored with public policy alone. I believe what's going to be required is public virtue. So while it's OK to commit and focus on our nation's financial situation, we must re-commit to protect innocent life and traditional family values, and secure religious freedom."

"Our forefathers worshipped a very big God, and they knew that our God is an awesome God, and He not only reigns in heaven but He reigns on this earth, and He's here today. So the time has come to take a respectful stand. We must not be timid to pursue with all strength but in a dignified manner what has always been the source of America's greatness--our faith in God and our religious freedom."

Please pray for Judge Zel Fischer that he will receive the favorable consideration of Missouri voters in Tuesday's election.

Iowa Families Seek Ouster of Supreme Court Judges
Legal and political observers are closely watching the results in next Tuesday's election in our neighboring state of Iowa. A vigorous campaign is being waged to oust three justices of the Iowa Supreme Court.

Pro-family forces are seeking to remove from office Chief Justice Marsha Ternus, and Justices David Baker and Michael Streit. These justices joined their colleagues last year in ruling that the Iowa Constitution requires that marriage be redefined to include individuals of the same gender. Iowa thus became the first state in the nation's heartland to legalize so-called "gay marriage."

High Court judges in Iowa, like Missouri, are appointed to office and then must periodically face retention votes to remain on the bench. Voters in judicial retention elections invariably vote to continue the service of judges on the bench. Yet recent polls in Iowa show that all of these judges are in jeopardy of a historic rebuke from Iowa voters.

The campaign to oust the judges is being led by a group called Iowa for Freedom, led by former gubernatorial candidate Bob Vander Plaats. The National Organization for Marriage and Family Research Council Action have also committed major resources to the ouster effort.

Brian Brown, President of the National Organization for Marriage, says it is time to hold judges accountable. "There was a Defense of Marriage Act in Iowa. These judges basically said we don't care what the people think about marriage, we're going to do what we want to do. Well, it's the chance of the people to say 'Enough is enough.' If these three judges are defeated, it's gonna send shock waves through the political establishment."

Congressman Steve King, the sponsor of Iowa's Defense of Marriage Act, says it is time for judicial elitism and arrogance to end. "The average Iowan believes that judges carefully and scholarly study the Constitution, the statutes, and case law, and render a decision that is the objective result of jurisprudence. Not so with activist judges. They match their personal, political, and policy preference with their conclusion, and then rationalize using creative and convoluted legal jujitsu."

"No judge can be allowed to remain on the bench who would turn thousands of years of law and human history on its head by discovering rights that were at one time unimagined in our Constitution. When judges usurp the letter of the Constitution to suit their whim, they must be removed from office."

Iowa voters will also be electing a Governor and members of the Legislature in hopes of enacting a constitutional amendment restoring traditional marriage. Liberal leaders of the Legislature, backed by massive funding support from national homosexual interests, have blocked efforts to move such an amendment through the Iowa Legislature. The earliest Iowa's Constitution could be amended to reverse the Supreme Court decision would be in the general election of 2014.
U.S. Senate Race Tops Missouri Election Ballot

The race for the U.S Senate seat of Christopher "Kit" Bond tops the ballot in Missouri for Tuesday's general election. Senator Bond is retiring from public office after serving 24 years in the U.S. Senate and previous stints as Missouri Governor and State Auditor. State Attorney, Chris Koster
Two political heavyweights from influential political families in Missouri are the standard bearers for the leading political parties. Roy Blunt, who is serving his seventh term in Congress representing the 7th Congressional District in Missouri, and the father of former Governor Matt Blunt, is the Republican nominee. Robin Carnahan, Missouri's Secretary of State and the daughter of former Governor Mel Carnahan and former U.S. Senator Jean Carnahan, is the Democratic candidate.

State Attorney, Chris Koster

Jerry Beck of Pettis County is the candidate of the Constitution Party. Jonathan Dine of Platte County is the Libertarian Party candidate. Blunt, Carnahan, and Dine chose not to respond to the candidate questionnaire of the Missouri Family Policy Council. Only Beck shared his views on issues of importance to Missouri families and the Christian community. Yet we are able to look to the voting records and public statements of the candidates to gain insight as to their positions on pro-life and pro-family issues.

Roy Blunt has maintained a consistently strong pro-life voting record as a member of Congress. He says that "the sanctity of life is very important to me." State Attorney, Chris Koster Congressman Blunt has voted against partial-birth abortion and against funding of human cloning and embryonic stem cell research. He opposed the recently adopted pro-abortion federal health care bill, and has promoted legislation which would establish a permanent ban on the use of federal taxpayer dollars for abortion.

Congressman Blunt is a strong supporter of traditional marriage. He has voted for a federal constitutional amendment preserving the institution of marriage as the union of a man and a woman, and has restated his support of such an amendment. Blunt supports the federal Defense of Marriage Act, which protects the right of states not to recognize so-called same-sex "marriages" from other states. He has voted against lowering the standards for service in the U.S. military to include avowed homosexuals.

Robin Carnahan is a supporter of legalized abortion. Her campaign is being strongly State Attorney, Chris Koster backed by Emily's List, a nationwide organization dedicated to electing pro-abortion women to office. The Planned Parenthood Action Fund is distributing literature around Missouri supporting her candidacy. Carnahan is a supporter of embryonic stem cell research.

On the subject of traditional marriage, the Secretary of State was not a supporter of the constitutional amendment passed by Missouri voters in 2004 which preserved the traditional definition of marriage. She opposes a federal constitutional amendment protecting traditional marriage, saying that she believes that "it is an issue that should be left to the states to decide." Most notably, Carnahan says she supports the establishment in Missouri of "civil unions" for homosexual "couples."

Constitution Party candidate Jerry Beck says he supports the reversal of the Roe State Attorney, Chris Koster v. Wade decision that legalized abortion, and that he supports a Human Life Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. He further opposes any taxpayer funding of abortion or public support for Planned Parenthood. Beck supports a federal Marriage Amendment safeguarding traditional marriage, and agrees with the Defense of Marriage Act. He does not support opening the U.S. military to active homosexuals. Beck is the founder and president of Millennium Manufacturing Products.

Libertarian Party candidate Jonathan Dine has stressed his support of legislation to legalize marijuana. The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports that Dine was imprisoned for four months after being charged with cultivating marijuana in his apartment. He had previously served time in Kansas on stealing and identity theft charges.

In addition to the U.S. Senate race, all nine Missouri seats in the U.S. House of Representatives are up for election on Tuesday. You can check out the Missouri Family Policy Council Voters Guide to read the responses of candidates in the Congressional races and U.S. Senate race by using this link: MFPC Voters Guide

State Attorney, Chris Koster You may also want to check out the Voters Guide prepared by MetroVoice, the St. Louis area Christian newspaper. MetroVoice obtained responses from some candidates we did not, and also sent surveys to state legislative candidates from the St. Louis area. The MetroVoice voters guide can be accessed by clicking this link: MetroVoice

The Family Research Council and Focus on the Family have also prepared a guide to the voting records of members of the U.S. Senate and U.S. House of Representatives on pro-family issues during the 111th Congress. You can examine the voting records of incumbent Congressmen by following this link: Congressional Voting Records

We encourage you to be praying earnestly for a Godly outcome to this crucial national election. The current Congress has repeatedly promoted legislation and policies that are hostile to Biblical principles and traditional family values. Pray that men and women will be elected who will not seek glory for themselves or any political party, but rather give glory to God in their aspirations for public service. Mission Compromised  
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