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Missouri Family E-News March 29, 2010
Anne Graham Lotz to Launch Statewide Prayer Effort
Anne Graham Lotz will be joining Christian leaders today in the Missouri Capitol to kick off a 40 day period of prayer and fasting in the state. The prayer initiative has been organized to seek Godly direction as legislators work to resolve the most severe budget crisis facing the state in several decades. The prayer campaign is being called "Show Me Your Glory Lord." "We are calling on the Lord to show the citizens of Missouri His glory as we demonstrate our dependence on Him during these difficult times," says Sue Stoltz, Midwest coordinator of the National Day of Prayer. Lotz, who is the daughter of famed evangelist Billy Graham, will be the keynote speaker at a prayer program being held at noon today in the State Capitol Rotunda. Following her remarks, Christians from various denominations and ministries will join in a time of prayer for the state's lawmakers. They then will disperse throughout the Capitol to conduct a prayer walk throughout the building. Missouri Governor Jay Nixon has trimmed $850 million in spending from the current year's budget. Legislators must come up with additional hundreds of millions of dollars in budget reductions to balance the coming year's budget. Legislators from both parties asked Christian leaders to mobilize a focused prayer effort through May 7th, the date by which the General Assembly must finalize the budget. They are seeking collective wisdom to arrive at budget solutions which will cause the least pain to Missouri families, citizens, and communities. "We are praying that God's grace will pour over the Missouri Legislature with a spirit of cooperation we have never seen before," says Kerry Messer of Missouri Family Network. "May the Lord so lead the hearts of the lawmakers that they cannot deny God's intervention." "This is an unprecedented opportunity for the church to reclaim some of the moral ground it has lost over the past 60 years," Messer adds. "As the culture has shifted more and more away from the Church and towards the state, the hearts of hurting people have also shifted. This crisis is a great opportunity for the Church to reconnect to hurting people with answers and compassion." We encourage you to commit over the next 40 days to pray for the 162 current members of the Missouri House and the 34 members of the Missouri Senate, as well as our Governor Jay Nixon.
Pro-Life Ultrasound Bill Approved by Missouri House
The Missouri House of Representatives has given preliminary approval to a bill which would provide women with factual information about the nature and risks of abortion. The House voted 116-42 to endorse the measure, which would strengthen Missouri's informed consent law on abortion. The legislation would require that a woman considering abortion be given detailed information about the humanity of the unborn child 24 hours before the procedure is performed. A key provision in the bill is the requirement that a woman be provided the opportunity to view an ultrasound of her child and hear the heartbeat of her child a full day before the abortion is scheduled. Under the terms of the bill, abortion clinics would be mandated to share written materials with the woman prepared by the state of Missouri which spell out the nature of the abortion procedure, the physical and psychological dangers of abortion, and the names and phone numbers of agencies which provide abortion alternative services. The woman would also be advised of the pain her unborn child could experience during an abortion. This is the third year the Missouri House has endorsed the ultrasound/informed consent measure, which was initiated and developed by the Missouri Family Policy Council. Last year, both the Missouri House and Senate passed differing versions of the bill, and were unable to reach agreement on final language. Representative Bryan Pratt of Blue Springs is the lead sponsor of the ultrasound proposal. Rep. Cynthia Davis of O'Fallon has sponsored a similar measure. Senator Rob Mayer of Dexter is the sponsor of the ultrasound bill in the Senate, which is awaiting further debate. Legislators who voted for the perfection of House Committee Substitute for House Bills 1327 and 2000: Representatives Allen, Aull, Ayres, Biermann, Bivins, Brandom, Bringer, Brown (Jason), Brown (Dan), Bruns, Burlison, Casey, Conway, Cooper, Cox, Cunningham, Davis, Day,Deeken, Denison, Dethrow, Dieckhaus, Diehl, Dixon, Dougherty, Dugger, Dusenberg, Emery, Ervin, Faith, Fallert, Fischer (Linda), Fischer (Barney), Flanigan, Flook, Franz, Funderburk, Gatschenberger, Grill, Grisamore, Guernsey, Guest, Harris, Hobbs, Hodges, Hoskins (Denny), Hummel, Icet, Jones (Kenny), Keeney, Kingery, Koenig, Kratky, Kraus, Kuessner, Lair, Largent, Leara, Liese, Lipke, Loehner, McGhee, McNary, Meadows, Meiners, Molendorp, Munzlinger, Nance, Nieves, Nolte, Parkinson, Parson, Pollock, Pratt, Quinn, Richard, Riddle, Rucker, Ruestman, Ruzicka, Salva, Sander, Sater, Scavuzzo, Schaaf, Schad, Scharnhorst, Schieffer, Schlottach, Schoeller, Schoemehl, Self, Shively, Silvey, Smith (Joe), Smith (Jason), Stevenson, Stream, Sutherland, Swinger, Thomson, Tilley, Todd, Tracy, Viebrock, Wallace, Walsh, Wasson, Wells,Weter, Wilson (Larry), Wilson (Kevin) Witte, Wright, Yaeger, Zerr. Legislators voting against perfection of HCS HBS 1327 & 2000: Atkins, Burnett, Calloway, Carter, Colona, Corcoran, Curls, Englund, Frame, Holsman, Hoskins (Ted), Hughes, Jones (Tishaura), Kander, Kelly, Kirkton, Komo, Lampe, LeBlanc, LeVota, Low, McClanahan, McDonald, McNeil, Morris, Nasheed, Newman, Norr, Oxford, Pace, Schupp, Skaggs, Spreng, Still, Storch, Talboy, Vogt, Walton Gray, Webb, Webber, Whitehead, Zimmerman Legislators absent: Brown (Michael), Chappelle-Nadal, Jones (Tim), Roorda
Legislators Act to Block Federal Health Care Abortion Mandate

Missouri legislators are moving quickly to block the abortion mandates contained in federal health care legislation recently signed into law by President Barack Obama. A Missouri Senate committee has given expedited approval to legislation which would authorize Missouri to "opt out" of the abortion provisions of the "health care reform" law. A Missouri House Committee is expected to do the same this week. The health care measure adopted by the U.S. Congress compels taxpayers to finance abortions for the first time in American history. The new law provides subsidies to "low to moderate income" individuals to purchase health insurance which can include abortion coverage. The new health care statute provides tax credits to insurance companies who may provide abortion coverage.
Individuals who choose to purchase health insurance through new health insurance exchanges from insurance companies who offer abortion coverage will be required to pay an abortion surcharge. This monthly abortion premium would be charged to all enrollees whether they wanted abortion coverage or not, regardless of their age, sex, or family status.
The law adopted by Congress authorizes states to exempt themselves from the abortion coverage requirements of the bill if the state adopts "opt-out" legislation. Senator Scott Rupp of Wentzville is the sponsor of the opt-out proposal in the Missouri Senate. His bill was approved by the Senate Small Business, Insurance, and Industry Committee by a 5-1 vote. It now goes to the full Senate for formal debate.

Rupp's bill specifies that no federal health insurance exchange established within the state of Missouri "shall offer health insurance contracts, plans, or policies that provide for elective abortions." The bill further stipulates that no health insurance exchange may offer coverage through the purchase of an optional rider. Missouri law currently allows abortion riders to insurance plans, but the federal opt-out language does not make allowance for such riders.
"We need to enact this opt-out provision to continue the long-standing tradition in Missouri that we do not use public funds to subsidize abortion," Rupp says. "The federal bill threatens Missouri's long-standing policies on this important issue, and would compel taxpayers to fund abortion for the first time in the nation's history." Rupp emphasized that the executive order issued by President Obama to restrict abortion funding has no legal weight. "The executive order that was supposed to fix this is not worth the paper it was printed on. States have to enact this opt-out language or else they will be subsidizing abortion." Senator Rupp is right. An executive order can be issued to clarify laws with regard to aspects of implementation that may not be defined in the bill.
But an executive order cannot be used to negate, repeal, or modify the express language of a federal law. The President's executive order is a sham, and of no legal consequence. The House bill is being sponsored by Representative Darrell Pollock of Lebanon. The House Special Committee on Children and Families heard initial testimony this past week. That hearing will continue this Wednesday. It is hoped that the House will join the Senate in giving emergency attention to this bill. Every national survey that has been taken in recent years shows that the vast majority of taxpayers, regardless of their views on abortion, do not want their tax dollars paying for other people's abortions.
For those of us who recognize abortion as the destruction of innocent human life, it is unconscionable to be asked to support the killing of preborn children with our own money. This is an issue of monumental significance. If the federal government and a federally-controlled health care system establish a benefit-based financing relationship with the abortion industry, it will institutionalize the practice of abortion in this country. This horrific injustice must be stopped. Missouri Congressmen William (Lacy) Clay, Emmanuel Cleaver, and Russ Carnahan voted for the pro-abortion health care bill and against an amendment to restore language prohibiting funding of abortion. Missouri Congressmen Todd Akin, Ike Skelton, Sam Graves, Roy Blunt, Blaine Luetkemyer and Congresswoman Jo Ann
Emerson voted against the pro-abortion health care bill, and for the amendment which would have maintained the current ban on taxpayer-funded abortions. You can contact your state representative and state senator to urge them to support the abortion opt-out legislation by using the links below. If you do not know your legislators, you can use the legislator lookup feature on either the House or Senate website. The House bill number is 1725. The Senate Bill number is 747. The lives of many of our unborn brothers and sisters hang in the balance.

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