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Missouri Family E-News November 9, 2009
Dr. Dobson to Say Farewell to Focus on the Family 
Dr. James Dobson, the founder of Focus on the Family, has announced that he will be resigning from the ministry.  He will be leaving his position as host of the Focus on the Family radio broadcast in February of next year.
"The Bible tells us that to everything there is a season--and Dr. Dobson's season at Focus on the Family has been remarkable," said Jim Daly, President of Focus on the Family.  "We're excited about continuing the work he began, and following the biblical principles he's always followed, to reach today's families."
Dr. Dobson's announcement completes what has been a gradual transition in leadership at the Christian ministry headquartered in Colorado Springs, Colorado.  Dr. Dobson resigned as President of Focus in 2003, and stepped down as Chairman of the Board earlier this year. 
Dr. Dobson has made clear that he intends to remain active in promoting the same Biblical values that led him to found Focus on the Family in 1977.  It is unclear at this time how he will continue the calling God has placed on his life.
Dr. Dobson's influence on the Christian community and American culture has been incalculable.  He has been a highly respected voice in championing Christian beliefs and principles in a society that has become indifferent or hostile to the Christian way of life.  His credentials as a child psychologist enabled him to be a credible and respected voice outside of Christian circles with regard to issues of marriage, parenting, and family life.  His books have been read by countless people who have trusted his grandfatherly advice and wisdom.  He has continued to touch the hearts of listeners to his radio program with his kindly counsel and tender spirit.
As you know, the Missouri Family Policy Council is the state organization in Missouri associated with Focus on the Family.  As such, we have been most grateful to have been in partnership with Dr. Dobson's vision and virtue.  We will greatly miss his style of leadership, which combined excellent judgment, fearless conviction, and selfless good will.  Yet the hour has arrived for the Lord to work through a new generation of leaders at Focus on the Family, and Dr. Dobson has agreed that that hour has arrived.
Like so many others, we can take comfort in Dr. Dobson's departure from Focus on the Family because we know that God still will be using him as a vessel for speaking the Truth of His Word and His Way.  We look forward to Dr. Dobson continuing to be a strong and effective voice for Christian families and individuals all across America.  The final chapter of the legacy he will leave has yet to be written. 
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New Group Formed to Elect Pro-Abortion Candidates to Missouri Legislature
A new political action committee has been organized with the mission to elect more pro-abortion candidates to the Missouri Legislature.  Known as Harriet's List, the group is named after former Missouri Lieutenant Governor Harriet Woods, who was an avid proponent of abortion on demand.
Harriet's List is patterned after a national pro-abortion political action group known as Emily's List.  The goal of both organizations is to raise massive sums of money to inject into legislative races on behalf of female candidates who are ardently in support of legalized abortion.
The chairwoman of Harriet's List is May Scheve Reardon, a former state representative from south St. Louis County.  Missouri State Auditor Susan Montee, former Secretary of State Becki Cook,  and 15 current members of the Missouri Legislature are members of the organization's advisory Board.  Two individuals with long ties to Planned Parenthood in Missouri are also part of the organization's leadership.
The website of Harriet's list states that the group will "provide financial, strategic, and political support to targeted progressive Democratic women running for office...Harriet's List will recruit, train, mentor, and support targeted incumbents and candidates..."
The first candidate endorsed by Harriet's list was elected to the Missouri Legislature this past Tuesday.  Her name is Stacey Newman, who was elected to represent the 73rd District in St. Louis County.  She replaces Steve Brown, who resigned after pleading guilty to a federal felony charge relating to unlawful campaign practices.  Her campaign was endorsed by the Missouri chapter of the National Abortion Rights Action League. 
Newman served as the initial executive director of Harriet's List, but resigned her position to seek election to the General Assembly.  She previously served as the executive director of the Missouri Women's Coalition, which will go out of existence with the creation of Harriet's List.  Newman also has served on the Board of Directors of PROMO, the Missouri homosexual advocacy organization.
I urge you to pray for the individuals involved with Harriet's List.  You may say, "What's the use?"  If you believe in the power of prayer, you share our conviction that the arm of the Lord is not too short to reach anyone, no matter what their views or convictions may be. 
We have just seen evidence of this again with news out of the town of Bryan in southeast Texas.  There, the director of a Planned Parenthood clinic has resigned after experiencing what she described as a "spiritual conversion."  Abby Johnson says her heart was changed when she watched an abortion procedure being performed on an ultrasound monitor.  She says she knew it was time to quit after she watched an unborn child "crumple" as it was vacuumed out of the mother's uterus.  Johnson now supports the local Coalition for Life, and has joined them in prayer services outside the clinic she previously supervised.
If people like Abby Johnson and Norma McCorvey, the Jane Roe of Roe v. Wade, can see the Light through the grace of God and the love of heartfelt Christians, so can others like her.  We must be vocal and vigilant in opposing those who advocate for injustice, but must remain genuine ambassadors to them of the Gospel of Grace.
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