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Missouri Family E-News September 14, 2009
40 Days for Life Campaign
Returns to Missouri
The 40 Days for Life campaign will be taking place across the nation beginning on September 23rd.  40 Days for Life is a focused pro-life effort that includes 40 days of prayer and fasting, community outreach, and peaceful vigil outside abortion clinics.  More than 200 cities in the United States, Canada, and Denmark are participating in this year's event. 
Sponsors say their 40- day campaign is intended to track with Biblical history where God used 40-day periods to transform individuals and communities.  The mission of 40 Days for Life is to seek God's favor to turn hearts and minds from a culture of death to a culture of life. Organizers say their efforts over the years have led to saving more than 1,500 lives, closing three abortion facilities, and prompting eighteen abortion clinic workers to quit their jobs. 
The kickoff for the campaign in mid-Missouri will be this evening, September 14th, at 6:30 PM at the Columbia First Assembly of God Church in Columbia.  Featured speaker will be Diann Foster of PROLIFE Across America.  Prayer vigils will be held at the Planned Parenthood clinic on Providence Road in Columbia.  The kickoff rally for the St. Louis campaign will be held on September 19, 2009, at Incarnate Word Parish in Chesterfield.  Dr. William Brennan, a well-known pro-life author, will be a speaker.  Prayer vigils will occur at the Reproductive Health Services clinic on Forest Park in St. Louis. 
We encourage you to join in a dedicated time of prayer and fasting during this 40-day period extending through November 1st.  For more information about 40 Days for Life, follow this link:   
Huckabee to Speak at Eagle Forum Event
Former Arkansas Governor and Presidential candidate Mike Huckabee will be a keynote speaker at the annual Eagle Council conference hosted by Eagle Forum.  Billed as the "How to Take Back America" Conference, the two-day event will be held September 25-26 at the Hilton St. Louis Frontenac hotel.  Huckabee will be speaking at the Saturday evening dinner.  Workshops will be held throughout the weekend on subjects such as how to defend traditional marriage, how to counter homosexual extremism, how to understand Islam, and how to stop government's attacks on parents' rights.  Other speakers during the weekend will include retired Lt. Gen. William "Jerry" Boykin, and members of Congress Michelle Bachmann, Steve King, Tom Price, and Tom McClintock.  For more information on the conference, join this link:
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Washington University Teams with Barnes Hospital to Train Abortionists
Washington University has joined forces with Barnes-Jewish Hospital and Planned Parenthood of St. Louis to train abortionists.  It is called the Family Planning Fellowship Program, and its stated goal is to "develop tomorrow's leaders in reproductive health."
Fellows in the program are trained to become "expert" in all methods of first and second trimester abortions, which the program describes as "uterine evacuation procedures."  The program claims it is the only fellowship in the nation providing the opportunity to develop "high-level...clinical skills" in "abortion care."
The program website states that fellows will participate in abortions at the Reproductive Health Services clinic operated by Planned Parenthood of St. Louis.  The site says that "here, fellows will learn, and ultimately teach and supervise residents in first and second trimester surgical abortions and medical abortion."  According to the website, more than 6,000 abortions are done annually at Reproductive Health
The Family Planning Fellowship Program also states that while most of the fellows' abortion experience will be at Planned Parenthood, "new in-patient abortion services are being developed at Barnes-Jewish Hospital."  The program lists Barnes-Jewish Hospital as one of the clinical training sites.
The website also explains that Washington University is collaborating with St. Louis University "to accomplish the goals of the Family Planning Fellowship."  Fellows are advised that they can complete a Master's degree in Public Health at the St. Louis University School of Public Health.
In the area of research, fellows are told that they will work with leading clinicians and researchers "to develop new approaches to...pregnancy termination in the United States and abroad."  In the area of public policy, fellows are advised that they can "learn about and participate in advocacy efforts of pro-choice and professional organizations."
The director of the Family Planning Fellowship Program is Jeffrey Peipert, M.D.  Peipert is the Vice Chair of Clinical Research in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at Washington University.  He is also the medical director for Planned Parenthood of the St. Louis region.   The co-director of the program is Tessa Madden, M.D., who is a member of the pro-abortion group Physicians for Reproductive Choice and Health.
A key faculty member in the Family Planning Fellowship Program is Robert Crist, M.D.  The website accurately states that Crist has performed abortions for over 35 years, and is "a major provider of...abortions at Planned Parenthood."  Yet another faculty member is Diane Merritt, M.D., who is an active member of the Association of Reproductive Health Professionals, an organization with close ties to the Planned Parenthood Federation of America.
It is unconscionable that Washington University is educating physicians who are supposed to be practitioners of the healing arts to instead become "experts" in the destruction of unborn children.  It is equally unconscionable for a health care institution like Barnes Hospital that prides itself on "world-class" health services to instead be a partner in the killing of innocent pre-born children.
We are providing you below the names and contact information of various decision-makers at Washington University and Barnes-Jewish Hospital.  You may wish to contact them to urge that they put an end to this shameful and insidious relationship with  Planned Parenthood.  Please pray for them as you send such  messages that they will receive your communication with an open heart.
Washington University
Mark Wrighton
Chancellor, Washington University
Campus Box 1192
St. Louis, MO  63130
Stephen Brauer, Chairman of the Board
Washington University
North Brookings Hall, Room 220
Campus Box 1081
St. Louis, MO  63130
Barnes-Jewish Hospital
Stephen Lipstein
President and CEO, BJC Health Care
Andrew Ziskind, MD
President, Barnes-Jewish Hospital
Patrick Stokes
Chairman of the Board
Barnes-Jewish Hospital
Address for above Barnes Hospital contacts:
One Barnes-Jewish Hospital Plaza
St. Louis, MO  63110
Barnes Jewish Hospital Contact Us" link:
For many years a conspiracy of silence has surrounded the abortion industry and its agents.  It is time for that silence to be broken. 
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